El Trull Restaurant

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GPS: +41° 42’ 17.21” +2° 52’ 37.55 info@eltrull.com

Christmas Special

Christmas Special

Christmas Special

Christmas Special Menus

Christmas Menu -2016-

Carpaccio of cod with crispy cod and citrus sofrito

 Our Christmas escudella soup with cocido stew meatballs

Roast farmhouse capon with crayfish, shallots and rissole potatoes

Cream and chocolate Yule log

Nougat and wafers


57.50€ (+ 10 % VAT)


Boxing Day Menu -2016-

Braised scallops with coulis of scallop essence, tomato velvet and honey aioli

Cannelloni of roast meat and truffles with cream au gratin

Confit roll of leg of lamb with fine herbes and crunchy basket of vegetables

Crunchy sacher torte bar with apricot savarin and cookies ice cream

El Trull pastries


48.50€ (+ 10 % VAT)


New Year's Day Menu -2017-

Ceviche of marinated salmon with soy, tropical fruit pearls and mango caviar

Cannelloni of crab with mousseline of Costa Brava sea urchins

Crunchy confit suckling Iberian pork with its reduction and apple timbale

Pineapple semi-sphere with mango mousse and passion fruit marshmallows

El Trull pastries


57.50€ (+ 10 % VAT)


Three Kings' Menu -2017-

Cream of shellfish soup with seafood tartare perfumed with aniseed

Medallions of tuna steak with duck liver and muscatel reduction

Cheek of beef stew with salsify, served with seasonal mushrooms

Three Kings’ cake


48.50€ (+ 10 % VAT)

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